5 important things that can negatively impact the value of your home

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No matter if you want to sell your property within a few months or within a few years, there are many things you can do, to avoid a future hassle with all the cleaning and renovation and avoid your home to lose of its quality all too early.

Let’s enlist some of the most obvious things that can really play into your property losing value.

1.) Lack of precaution

Cleaning is important but precautions would make cleaning all the more easier on the long haul. Take these precautions so that you won’t need to spend a fortune on cleaning when it comes to selling your property.

  • Make sure everyone takes off the shoes by the entrance area
  • Have an easy wash-up kit that takes only a few minutes to use
  • Make sure to vacuum in advance otherwise washing up will be all the more painful and you would need to vacuum afterwards anyways
  • Get furniture that’s easy to clean or which have blankets or textile covers that are easy to clean. This way chances are way less that they will look used
  • Do not eat on the sofa or anywhere else than the dining table or kitchen area
  • Remove all the visible stains right after cooking avoiding them to dry, especially the oily stains.
  • Clean the fridge, oven and microwave frequently.
  • Get carpets which are easy to clean and which would not show dirt so visibly.
  • Stainless steel works the best in the kitchen. If you don’t like it, go for an easy to clean countertop and tiles.
  • Clean bathtub and tap at least once a week properly
  • Make sure you clean dust with a good quality dust cleaner even from the top of the shelves and any area that’s not visible. If dust stays it would very easily stick to the surfaces and then its way harder to remove.

2.)Lack of proper cleaning

Cleaning is essential when we want to live healthy and also when we want to avoid our property’s value to dramatically decrease. On the other hand it’s a real wonder what proper cleaning can do to your home. If you don’t have time, a professional cleaner group would do all the necessities once a month and this would keep the home clean even on the long haul.

3.) Forgetting to take care of your garden, patio, balcony

These are some of the key areas which have some of the largest potential to increase the value of your home. Therefore pay attention to them, wash it up and by the time of cleaning make sure they are decorated properly (depending on the season) because they can really motivate future clients to buy your home.

4.) Lack of regular maintenance

Every now and then we should get all our electricity system, heating system, boiler properly checked and cleaned. This way, they work at a much more economical level and this also eliminates the danger of any accident that happen when something is just overaged. Any future client will get your home checked therefore it’s all the better to make sure all is well maintained in advance.